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BluePower™ Control Kit

The BluePower Supply Control Kit provides the communication between a SERVA BlueLine™ Power Supply and an IBM compatible personal computer (Windows 98 and higher) via a USB-serial converter and a documentation software. It has basically two functions: 1. Monitoring of voltage, current, and power during the time course of an electrophoresis run 2. Loading, storage, and documentation of multistep power supply settings The Power Supply Control Kit can be used with the following SERVA power supplies: BluePower™ 200x4, BluePower™ 500x4, BluePower™ 1500x4, BluePower™ 3000x4, and HPE Power Supply 1500. Content: High-speed USB-serial converter, gender changer for serial port, USB stick containing: software package, power supply programs for various applications; instruction manual

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BluePower™ Control Kit

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