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SERVA HPE™ Lightning Red

SERVA HPE™ Lightning Red is a fluorescent dye for rapid labeling proteins prior to 2D PAGE, making any staining and washing steps after electrophoresis unnecessary. In addition the dye is fully compatible with mass spectrometry and other downstream methods like Western Blotting. The labeling procedure is simple and quick: Typically use 80 pmol SERVA HPE™ Lightning Red for labeling of 1 μg protein. Incubate at 0 °C for 15 min. The labeled protein solution is directly applied on IPG strip via cup- or rehydration loading. After the 2D run detection of labeled proteins is performed by fluorescent imager (camera or scanner) at an excitation wavelength of about 530 nm and emission filter of 610 nm with a narrow band width of 30 nm. SERVA HPE™ Lightning Red is compatible with all additives typically used for sample solubilisation and protein extraction, including carrier ampholytes and reductants. Alkalescent conditions are sufficient, it is not required to titrate the pH to a defined value.

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SERVA HPE™ Lightning Red

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