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SERVA ICPL™ Quadruplex PLUS Kit

Applying the ICPL™ quadruplex method the simultaneous quantitative analysis of four independent proteome samples can be performed by stable protein labelling side by side. Included are MS approved endoproteinases Trypsin NB and Glu-C for achieving the highest sequence coverage. All four labels can be freely combined with each other. By omitting one label you can as well compare only two or three samples. The enclosed ICPL™-Standard PLUS allows calibration of the analysis system. The kit contains 12C-, 2D-, 13C and 13C2D- Nic-reagent, stop solution 1 + 2, reduction solution, alkylation reagent, lysis buffer, standard protein mix A, B, C and X, ICPL™-Standard PLUS, Trypsin NB modified, and Endoproteinase Glu-C . The kit contains reagents for 4 x 6 reactions. A detailed instruction manual is included.

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SERVA ICPL™ Quadruplex PLUS Kit

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