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SERVA DNA Standard pUC19 x MspI, lyophilized

The SERVA pUC19 x MspI DNA Marker contains 13 fragments ranging from 26 Bp to 501 Bp:26, 34, 34, 67, 110, 111, 147, 190, 242, 331, 404, 489 and 501 Bp.Ideal for the analysis of small DNA fragments generated from plasmid DNA or for PCR generated DNA fragments. For optimal results use 2 % DNA Agar gels or 2 - 4 % special agarose gels. For fast analysis of PCR products a separation distance of 20 mm is sufficient for band separation.For at least 50 applications. Instructions of use and 1 ml separate loading dye solution for resuspension of the lyophilized DNA fragments are included.

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SERVA DNA Standard pUC19 x MspI, lyophilized

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