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SERVALight Helios

Extremely sensitive enhanced chemiluminescence kit for the detection of immobilized proteins (Western Blot) or immobilized nucleic acids (Southern and Northern Blot) labeled directly with Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) or indirectly with HRP-labeled antibodies/strepatavidin. The substrate is readily prepared by mixing component A (luminol/enhancer solution) with component B (stabilized peroxide solution) in a one-to-one ratio. Due to the extremely high light output of the SERVALight Helios substrate very short exposure times or very high dilution of antibodies can be used. Especially when using film detection this is critical to receive optimal performance. Extreme sensitivity, low femtogram limit of detection Long light emission for 8 hours Primary antibody dilution 1:5000 -1:100000 Secondary antibody dilution 1:100.000 1:500.000 Detection can be done preferably by CCD imaging equipment or film

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SERVALight Helios

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