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Cyanase(TM) Nuclease

Supplied as solution in 50 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.0, 5 mM MgSO4, 50 % (v/v) glycerol. Cyanase is a cloned highly active non-Serratia based non-specific endonuclease that degrades single and double stranded DNA and RNA in as little as 1 minute. Cyanase is easily removed from samples after the reaction is finished using the Cyanase Inactivation Resin (cat. no. 18543). The resin can be easily filtered or spun down to remove from the sample removing the Cyanase with it. Because of its unique properties, Cyanase is effective for cell lysate clearance, protein and viral purification and nucleic acid removal from samples. Fastest nuclease on the market; broad pH range; active in higher salt concentrations; unaffected by lysozyme or detergent; easily inactivated and removed; unsurpassed stability, can be stored up to 1 year at room temperature with minimal loss of activity.

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Cyanase(TM) Nuclease

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